About Forever Shared Pet

About Forever Shared Pet

Everyone who has owned and lost a pet knows the hurt and emptiness felt after they are gone. Yes, you may have other pets or have brought a new pet into your family, but the one that is gone will always be remembered.

Forever Shared Pet is a digital platform that allows pet owners to create, publish and share a cyber memorial of their beloved pet. Each memorial is personalized by the owner’s comments, photos and videos. Anyone can log on to forevershared.pet and view your pet’s memorial along with other pet memorials posted by owners who have found Forever Shared Pet.

It’s very easy to add your pet to forevershared.pet. You simply follow the instructions listed on the screen to add your pet’s name and type, and your information. Next you may type a tribute in your own words. It may be a few sentences, one or more stories with highlights of specials times or even a poem. You will then be able to add photos of your pet and a videos if you like. Your photos and videos will scroll and can be paused by clicking on the photo or video.You may edit your pet’s memorial at any time including adding more photos and videos.

The one-time fee is only $50 for each pet memorial and 10% will be donated to a pet rescue or charity of your choice in the name of your pet. Viewers of your pet’s memorial may also make donations to the pet rescue or charity in honor of your pet. You may create additional cyber memorials for other pets you wish to honor.

Forever Shared Pet understands your need to grieve and the devastating feeling of sadness when a cherished pet dies. We will be honored to help you create a legacy to celebrate the life of your pet by sharing your stories and memories that will last forever. Log on to forevershared.pet today to get started.

Forever Shared Pet believes all animals should be treated properly and deserve a loving forever home, but we know there are many animals that are abused or neglected. The demand for pet rescues and charities to care for these animals continues to grow, and so do their needs including food, supplies, medical expenses and more.

Forever Shared Pet feels so strongly about the humane treatment of all pets, that we donate 10% of all registration fees we receive to the pet rescue or charity of the pet owner’s choice. The donation is sent to the organization in the name of the pet and the pet owner. Viewers of your pet’s cyber memorial may also make donations to your chosen organization in your pet’s name.

Your pet may have been one of the lucky ones that were given a forever home by adoption through one of these organizations. Now you can make a positive difference for many other pets and honor your deceased pet with your forevershared.pet cyber memorial. Be sure to add your choice of organization to receive your donation when completing your cyber memorial registration. And remember to tell others they too can help by donating in honor of your pet.